Garlic Project

The MSDC is pleased to announce the commencement of the first significant agricultural investment since the restoration of the Town’s historic “lei water” system.

In the past week 30,000 “Egyptian white” garlic cloves were planted on a 1000 M2 piece of land serviced by water drawn from the Rooidamme.

Extensive market research was conducted to determine the feasibility of this initiative as well as scientific analysis of the soil and water available in Murraysburg. A phased approached was selected to mitigate risk and allow the project to grow progressively. Phase one of the three-year project entails producing approximately 300,000 cloves which will be planted on a larger site in year two and then further scaled in year three into an economically viable production unit.

Figure 1 First planting under way
Figure 1 First planting under way

The long-term goal is to establish a sustainable initiative which enables socio -economic benefits for the community of Murraysburg.

The MSDC is working on several additional job creation initiatives that make use of the natural resources available in the Murraysburg District and further details will be made available in due course.