Murraysburg Garlic (Pty) Ltd


Our Story

Murraysburg Garlic is based in the tiny Karoo town of the same name in the north eastern part of the Western Cape. On the banks of the Buffalo river the town is blessed with rich and fertile soils however its harsh climate and specifically late frost has resulted in the town being well known as one of the poorest communities in the Western Cape with severe socio-economic challenges. In 2016 Craig and Ryan Newborn (4th Generation descendants of the town) decided to start Murraysburg Garlic (Pty) Ltd as the production of garlic is well suited to the harsh climate and the area is known for its superior quality and wholesome garlic. The project provides employment to several women in the packing process and men in the infield production while also sourcing garlic from community type gardens in the area who are mentored and assisted with technical inputs and business skills. We are proud of the new marketing relationship with UCook as it will mean that each UCook meal which includes a garlic component has a direct impact on uplifting one of South Africa’s most impoverished and almost forgotten communities.



Murraysburg Garlic (Pty) Ltd is an agriculture processing and sales and marketing company based in Murraysburg, Western Cape, South Africa. Its mission is to value add the garlic primary production from the Murraysburg region, and to sell and market these products across the greater South Africa and Internationally. Murraysburg Garlic is primary targeting large consumer markets such as large super market chains, such as Pick & Pay, Woolworths and Spar. It is envisaged that the agriculture processing business unit will be in Murraysburg, and the marketing and sales business unit will be based out of Cape Town.

It is envisaged that there will be 3 business units in Murraysburg Garlic (Pty) Ltd, namely:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Agri Processing
  • Primary Production Professional Services



Murraysburg Garlic (Pty) Ltd intends marketing 40 tons of Garlic per Year and products to include:

  • Whole Garlic Bulbs (Dried & Packaged)
  • Peeled Fresh Garlic (Packaged)
  • Chopped Garlic (Packaged)
  • Garlic Salt Mixes (Packaged)
  • Pickled Garlic (Packaged)
  • Black Garlic (Packaged)

Development Timeline


March / April: First Planting 1000m2 – See Photos below

November: First Harvest – See Photos Below (1.5 tons)


Jan / Feb: Land Preparation of 1 ha – See Photos below

March / April: Planting of 1 ha – See photos below of Land Preparation

November: Planned harvest of 10 tons

Jan – November: Building of Storage & Drying facility for an estimated 80 tons of Garlic


March April: Planting of 4ha

November: Harvest of +- 40 Tons

Jan – November: Building of Processing facility of for an estimated 4 tons of garlic per month into high-value products for the retail market.

Contact Murraysburg Garlic

Rayn Newborn: 082 305 2914

Murraysburg Garlic News

Garlic Project

The MSDC is pleased to announce the commencement of the first significant agricultural investment since the restoration of the Town’s historic “lei water” system. In the past week 30,000 “Egyptian white” garlic cloves were planted on a 1000 M2 piece of land serviced by water drawn from the Rooidamme. Extensive market research was conducted to…

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