Murraysburg is a small town, and not many people have experienced this gem of the mountainous, endlessly scenic Karoo. It is our home and we want to create a place that we can be even prouder of when showing off to visitors. The town already offers a place of rest and delight to those who stay or pass through.


We, as the Murraysburg Sustainable Development Council (MSDC), recognise that improvements and developments are indicated in making the town even more attractive to visitors and investors alike. How can this happen ? We firmly believe that talk is just not enough and positive action is the order of the day. We are taking action and will sincerely appreciate all the help we can get from you in creating a better life for all inhabitants, visitors and potential investors in the town that offers much.

Our main objectives


Taking care of our natural and heritage resources to ensure sustainable living for generations to come.

alleviate poverty

Systematically alleviate poverty by developing our physical and socio/economic environment.

The concept behind the MSDC is to create a vehicle that will ensure the protection and sustainable development of Murraysburg's natural and heritage resources.  This is being done by looking into issues, initiating, guiding and monitoring projects and acting as mentors where possible, to ensure the successful sustainability of developments for the greater good of all Murraysburgers, and working to systematically alleviate poverty in Murraysburg.