Proudly Murraysburg

It is with great pleasure that the Murraysburg Sustainable Development Council (MSDC) can announce that the tender for the Rooidam Project has been awarded to a Murraysburg business, Vastrap Grondverskuiwings.

Vastrap was established in 2010, but the owner has been in the earth moving industry since 2000, so we can be sure they will do a top job.  Although they do work in various locations, even in Cape Town, they are proud to say that all their employees are Murraysburgers.  What a heartwarming idea that this project will be done by local talent.

They will be rehabilitating the current dams by lowering the dams, and lasering the walls of the dam precisely.  All the supply canals from the weir to the dams will be cleaned, and the asbestos pipe lines and rebuilding sluices replaced. The valves from the dam will be replaced and the outlet furrows back to the river will be repaired.

All the work will be done while keeping in mind the great historical value of the system, and where possible original structures like stone bridges will be retained.

The owner of Vastrap, Jaco van Heerden, feels privileged to have the opportunity restore and even improve on the Rooidam system, which he remembers from his childhood as a beautiful and tranquil site where the water birds swam and all could enjoy it. He also feels that this is a game changer for Murraysburg. By greening our town, it will bring back a sense of pride to the people, motivation for all to do their part in making Murraysburg a better community place where happy and caring people live.

It can even encourage outsiders to invest in Murraysburg and bring with them more job opportunities. The possibilities are endless and it all starts by getting the water flowing in Murraysburg again.

Where there is water there is life!