Giving Value to Waste

By looking at our town holistically, identifying the needs, problems and possibilities we have come up with an out of the box solution. We want to use the waste to build a skill training entrepreneurial hub for Murraysburg. The inspiration come from the Delft Early Childhood Developing Center built in Delft, Cape Town using waste materials.

By using the waste material to build with, we will not only be cleaning the streets but also giving waste value thus creating other entrepreneurial opportunities to. Eco-Bricks Exchange, will be helping us with the physical building of the entrepreneurial hub.  Up to now they have been a great source of support and sharing their knowledge with us.

The entrepreneurial hub is a big dream, and we are starting one small step at a time. We went to the al the pre-school’s in town as well as our primary school educating the children what eco-bricks are and how to make them. To make an eco-brick you take a 2-liter cool drink bottle and put all your non-biodegradable waste like chips and plastic bags into the bottle. The trick lays in that if you want to use the bottle as a brick it needs to be as hard as a building brick, thus you have to push so much waste into the bottle that it becomes as hard as a building brick. It takes about 2 black bags full of waste to fill up a bottle hard enough to use as a brick.  

To get the whole community involve, we want to build benches at the pre- and primary schools. The kids are already making the eco-bricks for their benches. Other small pilot projects are benches at the Rooidamme so we can have picnics there again, and a wall around the graveyard when you enter Murraysburg.

These pilot projects will need some funding to become reality and we please need your help with this. We started a crowd funding campaign on the Give n Gain website. Please click on the link and help us to clean up the town in a way never done here before.

If you want to follow our progress, please like our Facebook page. We will be placing photo’s as we proceed.